Hello there!

I'm _Lasar and this is my personal homepage. It is mainly a list of links to sites that I made or am involved in.

Since I'm not even sure who would want to read this list I'm mainly using it as an overview of all the web things I do for myself.

My main work is liepins.net where we provide all kinds of software development services to our clients since 2001. We work on web projects of all sizes, but also do mobile, desktop and IoT development when we have the chance.

In 2017 we started a second company called neonquelle for our non-software side projects.
Our first product is Metalgabel, a tiny fork of steel.

We also run a few websites as public services:

I blog about new music finds at audio.country.

Another link-blogging experiment I called "Strange Days" ran on the app.net social network, which is gone now. I plan to resurrect it as a blog.

At days-on-earth.com you can select your date of birth - or any other date - and it will show you how many days you have been on this earth. There's an API too.

I have collected a number of my late father's writings at tira-latvija.lv.

At the moment I have no active social media presence.

I built a few tiny - and not particularly interesting to the general public - open source projects.

At earth-central.org I started a wiki for describing the Polity universe in which most of Neal Asher's books play out. It has been on hiatus for 4 years now though. I need to get the site cleaned up and need to continue working through the books.

Blackbar - Unredacted is a walkthrough for the iOS game Blackbar.

Then there's w42.de, fartkontrol.com and thumbs-up.org. Not much to say about these.

I also created way too many in-joke sites for the #m crowd. If you don't know what that is, that's fine. placeholduhr.com, orangezebrowitz.com, All Your Pants, ataricamo.com, banana-phone.org, happybirthdaykitten.com and crashnet.org.

Once in a while I poke at a game I'm building, nicknamed Dejection. It's a recreation of a weird little freeware game I used to play on my dad's Mac SE.

I'm also doing some light Arduino-based hardware tinkering. Nothing much to write home about yet, but I hope to do more of that.